The IT Factor

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

The IT FACTOR is demonstrated by the alignment you experience when you are connected to your inner self. We all possess this IT FACTOR, but we don't all use it. Most people think that only a few people have the IT FACTOR, and that people are born with it or they are not. This thinking is only partially correct. What is not widely understood or accepted, is that we are ALL born with the IT Factor. Some people demonstrate It, live It, and walk in It. Some just stumble on It on rare occasions, but we all have IT.

As humans we are a dichotomy, consisting of our Universal Essence and our physical form. When we utilize our IT FACTOR, we are letting the inner light of us shine through the physical form. This unification of this dichotomy is the perfection of living. This amalgamation of inner Essence and outer Avatar, is magnetic! It draws opportunities and people to you with such Divine synchronicity that it feel surreal.

It is important that you know, that in order to be consistently successful in this endeavor, you must make yourself accountable when integrating your essence and avatar. A integration that leads to personal evolution. It is equally important that you become aware, and remind yourself often, that on some level, you know what is right and perfect for you, and you commit to trusting that inner knowing. Feel free to question everything that I presented to you. I will explain what I believe and why, from a place of knowing that you will only take what you need and are ready for in the moment.

When developing your ability to access your IT Factor, it is imperative that you are gentle, kind, and patient with yourself. You need only keep an open mind and a willing spirit.

The underlying goal of everything that we desire, is to achieve it because we believe that it will make us feel good. So, if the goal is to feel good, I submit that we implement a method that makes us feel good now. And while we are living our lives and dealing with the challenges that life presents us, we will discover that feeling good while transforming life’s challenges into triumphs you will improve the quality of your life now. When you feel good you perform better. So why not create the feel good that you want and need.

The 1st step is to know that you are the life force that animates you! Understand that your physical form is merely the vehicle by which navigate the physical realm. Then recognize that any belief contradictory to this understanding is erroneous and is an obstacle to your evolution. When in doubt of your personal power and brilliant light remember that you are Source Energy, a energy that creates all things. You are not the avatar that is reflected in the mirror. Identify more with that infinite Source as opposed to the finite being that you were deluded into identifying as you. The goal here is to switch from living a finite existence to living an infinite one. When you understand why you came to this plane, which was for the purpose of Universal expansion, and fully understand that there was a need for you to forget who you are in order to achieve the expansion, The identification of you true self begins. When you focus on, and operate as Source your vibration rises and the inner light radiates phenomenally! This light that illuminates your IT, and leads you to the the true experience of you. Knowing the truth of who you are is empowering, and gives you access to unlimited power. The allowing and mastery of this power is the 2nd step, but it is not need to demonstrate your IT Factor.

I present this information to you because it has proven useful for me. I share this message and method with you based on: countless hours of personal research, life experience and Divine wisdom; in the hope that it will offer you assistance on your journey, the way it has for me.

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