Sexy 101

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Live the you of your dreams starting now, SEXY 101.

The process of SEXY 101 is achieved by:

1. Perfecting your personal image - Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual

2. Making yourself a priority

3. Creating personal standards and setting useful boundaries

4. Maintaining a pleasing disposition

5. Honing personal gifts, skills, attributes, and intelligence

6. Perfecting and practicing all of the above on a continuous basis

We have all been bestowed with individual gifts which in and of itself is SEXY, but confident, self actualized energy is SEXY on steroids! Once you have Recognized, Revealed and begin to Radiate your individual personal power, that SEXY will help you to achieve, you will find yourself courageous enough to do what you feel needs to be done, with independent conviction. You will find yourself compelled to step out of your comfort zone boldly to experience and accomplish all that you desire. You will accept and appreciate all of "you", the good/polished and the bad/perfecting, because all of it is "you". These characteristics have formed you, and have to come together to create the powerful and dynamic you that you intent on revealing starting now!

In life we all play the hand that we are dealt. But by transforming perceived negatives into positives, and ramping up said positives, you begin to achieve personal satisfaction which will please and delight you. When you feel good, you become inspired to take on the world from a more empowered place. A place where you see that the hand that you have been dealt becomes a winning hand. Confidence is achieved by knowing and therefore believing that you are the best that you can be at something. So, make that something that you are best at "YOU". Let's face it, the only person that can truly be you is you. And because of this, the only way that you can fail is if you don't embark on the journey to reveal the magic of you. The only challenge that you have in this endeavor is to reveal the true you, the ideal image that you have of yourself, without comparing your self to outside images/expectations, that may or may not be authentic. By radiating the authentic inner you, you access the ultimate power for personal success. The self-actualization of being who you truly are and who you were truly meant to be, allows you to experience life from a whole new vantage point. A view that exposes infinite possibilities to you. When you radiate, it gives you a feeling of confidence and personal power, that supports you throughout your individual evolution. It allows you to garner the self-esteem, awareness, and inspiration that you need to propel yourself forward. The more you Recognize, Reveal and Radiate the you that you want to be, the more capable you are of recognizing who you are in your truest state. Achieving self-empowerment, self-actualization and self-awareness, creates a perpetual positive cycle. You are about to embark on living a fun, exciting, and fulfilling life, which is the ultimate platform for living your life with passion, enthusiasm and success.

This method is predicated on immediate gratification. It can wheld unfathomable power and make you privy to options that you only dreamed of in the past. This transformative process develops you into a being that believes, knows and demonstrates how magnetic and powerful they absolutely are!

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