Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Identify the things that you can contribute to the world. Identify ways you can be a benefit to yourself and others. The benefit of this exercise is to reinforce the truth of how wonderful you are! Actually engage in the act of sharing your gift(s). The impact of who you are can positively impact others. This provides proof that your life has a purpose and confirms that you of value.

Immerse yourself in positivity, and stay away from things that don’t make you fell good. It doesn’t matter what or who it is. There is always a positive way to approach a negative situation. Step back from what you are contemplating and find a the most optimal path on which to proceed. Find uplifting and aspiring activities, groups, people, books, shows, and receive the amazing energy these things offer. They have phenomenal power that will prove beneficial to you. Make it a priority to center and balance yourself everyday. Regardless of your spiritual or religious beliefs, awareness and connection to your inner being will benefit you in a myriad of ways. This is the most important thing that you can do on your quest for self-fulfillment. Understand, forgive and accept all past and present ills. Reach out for help if necessary in order to achieve this end. This step will allow you to heal and distance yourself from useless baggage, leaving you freer to embrace the magically delightful life of your dreams. None of us is perfect and we are truly doing the best we can from where we are. Be gentle and patient with yourself during this process. Love yourself more. Allow yourself to laugh as often as possible, and live your life as fully as you can in this very moment. Focusing more on what you like than what you dislike, will move your dislikes further and further from your consciousness. Every moment is an opportunity for a new creation. Be a magnificent creator. It’s fun and edifying! The key is finding a method that you can work, and that works for you. A method that assist you effectively in focusing on what serves you. This is the only work to achieve your feel good, to live your dreams, to allow the Universe to do its job, and to manifest your dreams. Explore practices until you find one that works, and then implement it every day! Put your negative thoughts in check. They are just erroneous programming that you acquired and now need to disable. If the thoughts about yourself feel bad they are lies and that is a sign that they need to be disabled. And although you may have in the past operated in the falsehood of who you thought you were, there is no need to continue that way. When your behavior patterns like your thoughts don’t feel good, discontinue them. If you don’t feel as if you can do that on your own, seek and get help. Also, keep in mind that when the task seems overwhelming or daunting, remember that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. An elephant will never get eaten if you don’t start biting. If one method does not accomplish your goal, keep exploring until you find your perfect match, and don’t for a moment believe that any part of this process is a waste of time. Everything that you do is part of the process of you getting to your desired destination. Which is to feel good. As a matter of fact the best way to achieve your goals, is to stay in a constant but enjoyable state. You will find that this state builds confidence and will certainty gives credence to your beliefs and power to your manifestations.

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