Use Your Keys

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Living your truth is one of the most important keys to getting the life you want, and the happiness you deserve. When I talk about living your truth, I’m referring to the ability to achieve a state of feeling good for ourselves, to re-connect to positive energy. I mean, to understand that when things happen that are not pleasing to us, that instead of focusing on the things we don't like, we turn our cheek in the direction of the things we do like. I mean that instead of feeling victimized by things that make us feel bad, that we choose in that moment, to acknowledge that the feel bad is a messenger that inspires us to determine what does feel good. I mean that, we have in that moment and the moments proceeding, an opportunity to identify what we would prefer. And in that situation we can choose to wallow in the discomfort, or to revel in the possibilities of what's to come.

Experiencing things we don't like is a barometer of sorts for us. It helps us to determine the things we do like. Bad experiences actually help us fine tune our desires, motivate our journey of self awareness, direct us towards experiences that better serve us, and creates a key that opens the door to our desires. The trick is to take the key that is forged from the undesired and use it to open the door to our desires, to our Bliss. The challenge however for most of us is, we spend more time forging our keys than using them!

How long it takes to forge a key to our feel good depends on how long we focus on, react to, are consumed by, remain addicted to, or acquiesce to things that don't feel good. The door to the better feeling is created the instant we experience the opposing feeling. The key is forged by our response to the undesired feeling, but our captivation of the unwanted prevents us from using the key we forge to save us from our discomfort.

Matt Kahn says: "If you thank your mind, it will relax. If you thank your heart it will open. If you thank your past, it will integrate. If you thank your symptoms, they will heal. If you thank your shadow, it will vanish. If you thank your life, it will transform. If you thank yourself, the light will dawn." So basically he is saying to us that everything is a blessing and that if we see it as such we release ourselves to realize the bounty that it brings! USE YOUR KEYS!

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