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     I can’t miss what is for me, because All that I do creates the path to my destination.

     Realizing that, I accept and walk as graciously as possible through my endeavors,

    constantly reminding myself that I can make no mistakes. Accepting that all of this  has been optimally orchestrated for my success and to accomplish my Source's Master Plan.

I Count it all good, and know that I only need to understand that

Everything I go through gets me to where I need to be!

                                                                                          -Dr. Tai Tobi Archbold

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About Dr. Tai Tobi Archbold

Dr. Tai Tobi Archbold, the eldest of four children, born of Caribbean descent; she spent the most important formative years of her childhood in the Bahamas. Exposure to island mentality and the powerful influence of her Bahamian Grandmother  (A career Registered Nurse employed in the mental health industry), cultivated her multi-dimensional perspectives of life. At a young age, family and friends labeled Tai as anything but ordinary. Unlike other children, she noticed manipulation, miscommunication, infidelity, unrest, struggle, and people's convoluted need for acceptance within society.  This sparked her keen interest in the human condition, and was the beginning of the revelation of her intended life's purpose. 

Tai's journey led her to study Rehabilitation Services with a concentration in Behavior Modification. She obtained a special major Bachelor of Science from California State University, Los Angeles. This was the beginning of a spiritually and mentally enlightening journey that ended with her acquiring a Bachelors in Metaphysical Science, a Masters in Divinity, and PHD in Holistic Life coaching.


Tai's professional portfolio includes experience as a Behavior Modification Specialist in the areas of personal development, spiritual development, parenting, relationships, self actualization, and other varied areas that highlight personal growth. Dr. Tai Tobi is the author of: The Five Minute Fix, Faces of Sickness... Sick as $!*?, and After You Hit the Wall/3 Keys to the Kingdom.

In addition to her professional experience, Dr. Archbold has spent her life on a mission of observation, analysis, and inquisition, in the pursuit of understanding the human condition and endeavoring to master  the human experience. Her primary motivation for her effort has been to make the journey of life more consistently fulfilling and pleasurable. She endeavors to not just tell others what needs to be done, but to be able to provide workable methods to do what needs to be done. 

Frustrated with a lifetime of personal dysfunction and disappointing results, she embarked on a mission of re-birth. The culmination of her life experiences set her on a journey of self-awareness. In that process she discovered what she believes to be the Keys to the Kingdom of a more gratifying life

It is extremely important to Dr Tai Tobi to share her knowledge with others. She is resolute that she is merely the presenter of information and of methods that she has discovered, tested, and practiced with success and deems effective. She makes it her mission to share this information with others in an effort to be of service to others. Dr. Archbold feels honored by the opportunity and humbled by the experience to assist others in creating success on the journey of this magical experience that we call life!

Her motto is: "We are all in this together"

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Dr. Tai is amazing! She is the most genuine, loving, smart, giving, selfless, knowledgeable and forthright person I know. 


She uses her years of education, studies, training, bumps, and bruises to assist in guiding you in the direction you need to go. The universe moves her. She will not steer you into uncharted waters unawares or alone. 


You will always want her to be the CENTER of your upward mobility. 


Just stop, breath and take in what she has to say, it may hurt or sting but I promise you, (from so many years of her helping me), it will change your thought process and mainly, your life. 

Anita, GA

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